5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than CMU

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than CMU

It goes by many names, CMU, masonry, concrete, cinder block, but whatever you call it, we have some news for you. It’s not the best fence material. So what makes the best fence? Trex. Trex Fencing to be exact. It goes by two names: Seclusions (classic, vertical style) and Horizons (modern, horizontal style). Read on to find out exactly why you should choose Trex Fencing over CMU.

1. Trex is More Affordable

It’s simple math: On average, the price per linear foot for Trex Fencing is cheaper than a finished masonry wall. While each basic cinder block costs about $2, when the cost of the foundation, drainage, and most importantly, labor are added in, the cost of a CMU wall adds up quickly. And, that’s just for the unfinished wall. Once texturing and staining is factored, the wall becomes an expensive structure. Trex is already a finished product (no painting or staining needed), and only requires footers for posts, not a foundation. Trex fencing materials and installation labor are less expensive overall.
Additional potential expenses can come in the form of repairs. No one wants damage, but it’s always a possibility. A block wall is quite sturdy but if the damage is substantial enough, repair costs can be exceptionally high. Taking apart a wall to replace the damage and then rebuild and refinish could lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra cost. If the misfortune of damage occurs with a Trex fence, not only is the product less expensive, but the labor to replace the damage is minimal.

2. Trex is Easier to Install

A “light-weight” block weighs about 28lbs and the average cinder block is usually closer to 38lbs. The weight of each block, combined with the precision, skill, and tools needed to build a CMU wall properly makes for a very labor-intensive project. It’s not the ideal DIY project, and it’s the reason the contracted labor can be so expensive. Trex Fencing, on the other hand, is simple. It installs like a wood fence and fits together quickly. Contractors can build a dumpster enclosure or about 120-150′ of perimeter fencing in about a day.

3. Trex Looks Better

Unless you’re into the utilitarian appearance of a masonry wall, you’d probably prefer the look of a Trex Fence. True to Trex’s reputation as an outdoor living design leader, Trex Fencing merges style and functionality. Both the Seclusions and the Horizons styles of Trex Fencing mimic the natural look of a wood fence while adding curb appeal to any home or business. The board-on-board design is unique among manufactured fences and contributes to full privacy and strength. The rails create a picture-frame look with attractive shadow lines that provide dimensionality. A Trex fence has a softer look than a wall but don’t let that deceive you. Trex is also sturdy and durable.

4. Trex Takes Up Less Space

A standard cinder block is 8″ thick. A Trex Fence Post (which is the thickest part of the fence) is 5″ wide. When working with property lines, pre-existing structures, and small spaces, sometimes thinner is better. And with Trex Fencing you won’t be sacrificing strength for space. But, it isn’t just about the fence above ground. In a tight space, a wide foundation may not be possible or it may have a serious impact on landscaping.

5. Trex Ages Better

A concrete wall is intended to be a long-lasting structure, but unfortunately, it is susceptible to problems as it ages. Cinder blocks contain holes where pockets of air are formed in the mixture. These are perfect places for expansion and contraction and can result in cracks. And because there is no “give” in a cinder block wall, even a slight amount of settling also leads to cracks. Trex Fencing’s uniquely interlocking pickets can experience some expansion and contraction without creating any crack or gaps. To keep it fresh, concrete fences also requires power-washing and repainting. Trex typically needs nothing more than an occasional cleaning. And with Trex’s 25-year Residential and 10-year Commercial Warranty, you’re fence is worry-free.

Honorable Mention: Trex is Better for Dumpster and Utility Enclosures

From small local businesses to large national chains with hundreds of locations, property owners are choosing Trex Fencing over CMU to enclose their dumpsters or outdoor utilities. Trex is strong, looks better, and costs less. *Insert quote from Steve* Enclosures protect what’s inside and cover up unsightly dumpsters or equipment. Need gates? Most enclosures require some kind of entry point, and since a concrete gate is basically impossible, you’ll be using another material like chain link or steel. Your Trex enclosure will look attractive and seamless with a matching Trex gate.
The Colors and Styles of Trex Fencing

The Colors and Styles of Trex Fencing

Most people don’t give much thought to fences until they need one. And that’s the way it should be. The best fence are clean, elegant, and provide a beautiful backdrop to the surrounding landscape. But homes and landscapes vary by region and personal preference. Thankfully, Trex Fencing is a versatile product that looks great everywhere. When it comes to choosing the look of your fence, consider the place you live, your own landscaping, and of course, your own style. Explore your options and pick the best one for you.



The Seclusions style fence is the classic vertical picket. This style is inspired by the standard board-on-board wood fence. However, unlike the wood fence, Trex’s pickets are interlocking, which means there are zero gaps and your fence is completely private. The vertical lines of Trex Seclusions look especially good in a yard with trees and places where you’re building your fence higher than 6ft.


The Horizons style of Trex uses almost all of the same materials as Trex Seclusions, but the installation is different, where the pickets are placed horizontally. The horizontal lines of Horizons make your yard feel bigger and are a favorite of modern style homes. And like Seclusions, Trex Horizons looks the same on both sides, making it a “neighbor-friendly fence”.



For those looking for lighter color, similar to natural cedar, Saddle is a warm tan. The Saddle fence has the look of clean, new wood and can brighten any yard.

Winchester Grey

When manufactured, Winchester Grey starts as a very dark grey fence that looks similar Woodland Brown. However, after it has been installed, it fades to a beautiful cool grey. This color is especially popular in coastal states and modern homes.

Woodland Brown

Our most popular color, Woodland Brown is a deep, rich, brown that naturally fades just a few shades lighter. Woodland Brown provides a beautiful contrast to brightly colored landscapes. If you want to emphasize your beautiful garden or an ornate pool, Woodland Brown is the way to go.
Trex’s special formula is over-pigmented so that after the fence is installed, it will fade to its intended color. Click Here to order samples and see the colors for yourself.

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of Trex isn’t just found in its colors and styles, but also its versatility. Unlike some fences that only come in panels, our pickets can be cut like wood and our fences can be modified and assembled in many different ways. A Trex Fence can be as small as 4ft or as tall as 12ft. It can be installed on top of a masonry wall or have an arbor installed on top of it. The posts can be placed with aluminum or steel bars in between. Some people even like the peanut butter cup look: Woodland Brown posts and rails with Saddle pickets in between. If you have a quality contractor or a creative DIY vision, you can make your Trex fence into an incredible feature. One customer replaced every third panel with wire mesh and had flowering vines growing on his fence. Another used beautiful stone columns in place of posts for a more elegant fence.
The final result of your Trex Fence is only limited by your imagination. Whatever you choose to build, you can feel safe knowing you’re protected by Trex’s 25-year residential warranty and you still have all of Trex’s great low-maintenance, durable features. Contact us today with your fence ideas, and we’ll help you make it a reality. We can also connect you with contractors across the nation to help you build your perfect fence.
Trex Fencing as Privacy Railing

Trex Fencing as Privacy Railing

The purpose of most deck railings is to enclose the space so that the people on the deck are safe. Sometimes these railings can also double as decoration. But the best railings aren’t just safe and beautiful, they are also private. Often times, people don’t realize they need some privacy around their deck until after they use their deck for the first time. Maybe you’ve planned an intimate dinner party with just a few close friends. Or maybe you come home after a long day at work and just want some peace and quiet and a long soak in your hot tub. Maybe you live in a crowded neighborhood, but you want your deck to be your own private retreat. Whatever the scenario may be, it’s nice to have a little privacy on your own deck. A deck is an extension of your living space and you should feel comfortable there. Using Trex Privacy Fencing as a privacy railing or screen on your Trex Deck is the best solution to your privacy needs. Just think, you can have all the benefits of a Trex Fence right on your deck. It looks good, it’s easy to install, and best of all it is (and always will be) 100% private.

Completely Private:

Trex Fencing is the best privacy railing solution for your deck. Trex Fencing has interlocking pickets, so a bit of expansion and contraction won’t create gaps. Lattice screens or tall plants are only semi-private and work better as decoration. And no other privacy railing will do. Even tongue and groove boards might come apart in inclement weather. And because it’s Trex, you have the same promise of strength, stability, and a 25-year warranty. In large cities or urban neighborhoods, your privacy is especially valuable and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it when you’re out of your deck.


Whether you need a 3 ft high privacy rail or an 8 ft high privacy screen, Trex Fencing can work for you. There’s no longer a need to search Pinterest for ideas on how to make your old railing more private. Trex Fencing comes in Woodland Brown, Winchester Grey, and Saddle, which matches perfectly with Trex Decking. It also comes in two different styles, the vertical Seclusions and the horizontal Horizons. Choose Seclusions for a classic look and Horizons for a more modern style.

Trex Fencing is easily installed as privacy railing.

This privacy railing is Trex Horizons in Woodland Brown with stepping.

Privacy Railing:

Privacy railings are perfect when your deck, patio, porch, or balcony is above your fence line and nearby neighbors have a clear view of everything you’re doing. Not only will it give your deck some privacy, but if you have clear glass windows and doors, the privacy railing can shield the view into your home. Maybe your priority isn’t privacy, but rather a solid panel railing that children and dogs have no chance of squeezing through. Even the smallest dog can’t fit through our interlocking pickets. And you won’t have to worry about kids getting their heads stuck in the railing bars. A balcony several stories up is much more secure with a solid paneled rail. Privacy railings are perfect when your deck, patio, or balcony, is above your fence line and nearby neighbors have a clear view of everything you’re doing. You even have the option of a mini gate to completely enclose your space.

Trex Privacy Railing pairs perfectly with Trex Decking.

Your hot tub can be a private retreat with Trex Fencing.

Trex Fencing adds privacy to the outdoor seating and glass windows.

Privacy Screen:

If you’re looking for something even more private than a railing, try a privacy screen. Using Trex Fencing, you can have a free-standing wall or a complete enclosure. There are many possible applications, but Trex makes an especially great privacy screen for your hot tub. Solid and private, the composite material is also resistant to rot and mold, which is necessary when it’s installed near a lot of water. String some lights, hang a few towel hooks and your hot tub is the perfect private retreat.

A privacy screen can be built up to 8ft tall.

This second story Trex Deck features a privacy screen to block the view of nearby neighbors.

Multi-family housing is vastly improved with Trex Fencing as privacy walls.

Whatever your reason for wanting privacy railing or a privacy screen, Trex is here to help. You should feel just as comfortable in your outdoor living space as you do in your own home. Contact us today to find out how to get Trex Fencing for your deck, patio, porch, or balcony.

Project Spotlight: South Carolina Residence

Project Spotlight: South Carolina Residence

All the best landscapes have two things in common, thoughtful planning and a Trex Fence. A customer in South Carolina did just that to create this beautiful, spacious yard.


Months before any work actually began in the yard, the homeowner began his research. He wanted a fence that was private, secure, and something that actually looked good. Many days were spent researching various kinds of composite fences including SimTek, EndWood, Illusions, and Trex. He went to home shows and collected as much information as he could about the products. Ultimately, he decided to use Trex because of its proven durability and natural appearance. It’s a fence that withstands the weather, and wouldn’t be destroyed if a tree were to fall. And he definitely wasn’t interested in something that needed regular upkeep and repair. And the homeowner decided that a Trex Fence that would provide the perfect backdrop to his newly landscaped yard.

The yard before landscaping.


After deciding on Trex, he went to his local Lowe’s store. Lowe’s was able to special order the Trex Fencing and also connect him with a nearby contractor. While this fence installer had never worked with Trex before, all it took was a few minutes on the phone with our national sales team to figure out how to install the fence. And thanks to this customer’s in-depth research, he was able to help. After completing the 8ft tall Woodland Brown Trex Seclusions Fence, the fencer said it was the greatest fence he had ever installed. The customer also chose a pair his Trex Fence with 4ft tall Alumi-Guard fencing in the front portion of his yard along with a small side gate. Trex matches ornamental fencing very well, especially to break up the look of a solid fence and to allow some visibility into the yard.

The 8ft tall Trex Fence with an aluminum gate.

The Trex Fence:

From concept to completion this project took about a year, including the research, planning and clearing the some of the trees. But the customer says it was well worth it. He is awestruck every time he looks out his window and he is absolutely thrilled with his Trex Fence.  He says that even people walking down the street will stop to admire and comment on his fence. He couldn’t be more proud.

Trex Fencing is the perfect backdrop for landscaping.

A view from the front yard before installing Trex.

Much of the yard had to be cleared of trees before landscaping began.

The view from the side of the house before the fence and gate were installed.

Trex integrates well with an ornamental metal fence.

Woodland Brown Trex Fence with trees and shed.

Trex Fencing with a 4ft aluminum gate.

Interested in your own Trex Fence? Click Here to Order Samples


Would you like to have your Trex Fence featured on our website? Send us pictures and project details to [email protected]

Project Spotlight: Wire Mesh Garden Panels

Project Spotlight: Wire Mesh Garden Panels

Homeowner Kenji S. from Houston, Texas installed this custom Trex Fence, complete with wire panels for growing vines.
Some people might consider a fence an eyesore or a necessary evil. But Trex proves that doesn’t have to be true. Your fence can be an incredible backdrop to a beautiful yard. This project spotlight highlights the creativity of one of our customers. Kenji S. from Houston TX. took his Trex Fence to the next level by replacing every third panel with galvanized wire mesh in order to create a living fence. We are awestruck by the creativity and the effects of this beautiful fence.
Kenji chose to install this fence himself, with the help of a fence-savvy friend. The installation took several Saturdays, but his hard work paid off. After having a positive experience with Trex Decking, it made sense to finish the yard with Trex Fencing. Kenji familiarized himself with the materials as well as the instructions found HERE. The project began by installing the Trex fence posts, then the bottom rails followed by the Trex pickets. In the sections that would hold the vines, Kenji used galvanized 3in. wire mesh.  To match the Trex Winchester Grey color and to add an extra layer of protection, the wire-mesh received a coat of Rustoleum spray paint. After the pickets and mesh were installed, the top rails were placed throughout the entire fence.

3″ Galvanized Wire Mesh was used in place of a Trex panel in order to grow flowering vines.

By alternating Trex Seclusions sections with the vine covered panels, Kenji added visual interest to his fence.

A section of garden bed was prepared at the base of each mesh panel before planting the vines.  Kenji did his research and chose several vine plants that would thrive in the Houston climate.  He also took into consideration vines that were evergreen (which would provide privacy all year long) and different kinds of vines that would flower and bloom at different times. The vines planted include:
  • Star or Confederate Jasmine
  • Blue Crown Passion Flower Vine
  • Evergreen Wisteria Vine
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Tangerine Cross Vine
  • Red Cascade Climbing Rose Vine
A few of the plants grew quickly and filled in within the summer, while the rest will continue to grow and fill in over the next couple of years.
Kenji S. said about Trex Fencing and his project: “This is a huge project for a DIYer, and I would not have attempted it if my friend George had not had experience installing fence. I used Trex decking because of its longevity in the humid Houston environment.  This naturally lead me to Trex Fencing. I found working with the materials very straightforward and easy. I worked with the Home Depot Pro Desk to secure all the materials, and this afforded me a nice discount from their retail list prices and was an overall great experience.” (Kudos to Doris at store #577 located at 999 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77008).

A small area of soil and irrigation were needed at the base of these mesh panels to help the vines grow quickly and evenly.

And his advice for anyone else interested in tackling a similar project with distinct elements: “Plan, plan, plan and review your plan thoroughly.  Whether you have an architect draw-up detailed plans or use AutoCad or Microsoft Visio, have a detailed plan to ensure correct measurements for accurate materials ordering & installation.”

An alternate view shows both the form and function of this yard.

This project is proof of what hard work and planning, as well as the DIY spirit, can do for your yard.

From the many plants to the eco-friendly Trex, this yard is all about green.

The architectural drawing of the backyard design.

The homeowner was so pleased with his Trex Deck, he decided he needed a Trex Fence to match.

Kathleen Reardon of RD Architecture in Houston, Texas is credited with the design for this incredible backyard.