How much does a Trex fence cost? The cost to build a Trex Fence yourself can vary greatly depending on your layout. If your fence lines are laid out efficiently on 8-foot centers you can expect your Trex Fencing materials (for a 6′ high fence) to cost you somewhere in the range of $43 to [...]

How is Trex Different from PVC Vinyl Fencing?

Trex and PVC Vinyl Commonalities One of the most common questions regarding Trex Fencing is: how does Trex Fencing differ from PVC vinyl fencing? The simple answer is that Trex is specifically designed to provide benefits beyond those of PVC vinyl. Though both materials are manufactured products meant to provide a low-maintenance alternative to wood [...]

Trex Fencing and LEED Point Contribution

Download LEED FlyerAsk the ExpertsContact our Trex Fencing Product TeamNeed more information about Trex composite materials? Our product experts are ready to help. Contact Us Did you know Trex products contribute to LEED points? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a point-based system for green building standards. The U.S. Green Building Council, an [...]