Project Spotlight – Mountaingate – Reno, Nevada

Project Spotlight – Mountaingate – Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is home to a wide array of attractions including museums, art, sports, and music, but most notably their casinos. Beyond the bright lights of the city, Reno also showcases many natural beauties, including the breathtaking Lake Tahoe. Nevada also holds a wealth of homeowners associations. In Nevada, HOAs are abundant, with six in 10 homes belonging to a homeowners association.
Most homeowners associations (HOAs) have a similar set of goals for housing developments: maintain property value, create aesthetic cohesion, and foster a sense of community.  Amidst the wealth of Nevada HOAs, the community of Mountaingate presents some unique design choices using Trex. Mountaingate HOA, located in South Reno, Nevada, created an idyllic community meeting these goals with quality and stylish homes, beautiful landscaping, stunning natural backdrops, all securely encompassed by Trex fencing.  
Ryder Homes, a building firm founded in 1959, constructed the beautiful Nevadan community of Mountaingate. Located just north of Arrowcreek Parkway, Mountaingate features beautiful natural landscapes with clear views of Mount Rose and the Virginia City Highlands. Ryder Homes clearly sought to infuse this community with some local flavor with many homes featuring clay shingles, neutral stucco exteriors, shutter-style windows, and Latin-inspired exterior archways.
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Adding to the overall aesthetic of the development, Trex fencing was selected as the perimeter fence. This Trex fence features our Saddle shade, providing a rich color while blending in perfectly with the natural scenery. The clean Seclusions design adds polish to the development complementing the overall aesthetic, not only meeting the expectations of the builders, but also the HOA and its residents.
HOAs and homebuilders share a common goal to create a well designed and tasteful community appearance.  However, HOAs will be the ones faced with future repairs and maintenance of the development. Trex fencing not only provides aesthetic appeal to fit most design styles, but will also withstand wear and tear for years without the need for regular repair, relieving financial strain from homeowners. Trex fencing also provides security and full privacy with its interlocking picket design to create a more secure community.

Project Spotlight – Rolling Green Village

Project Spotlight – Rolling Green Village

Nestled in Greenville, South Carolina is Rolling Green Village, an assisted living community dedicated to the safety and living quality of their residents.  In maintaining the residents’ high standards of living, Rolling Green Village has opted for the installation of Trex Fencing to improve the security, privacy, and overall quality of the community.  Trex Fencing contributes to the natural beauty of this South Carolina assisted-living community, an area with an abundance of trees and attractive landscaping.
Rolling Green Village was faced with a challenge when their wooden fence had rotted. With fence posts broken at the base and warped pickets presenting privacy, safety, and maintenance concerns, this senior retirement community decided it was time to find a more reliable and long-lasting fencing solution. Rolling Green Village selected Trex because of its rot resistance, wind tolerance, and security.  
Rolling Green Village strives to foster an inclusive, quality environment for its senior residents and their families. To enhance the value of the community, this Greenville retirement association was in the market for a fence that would meet the specific criteria for privacy and aesthetics, and that would be free from regular maintenance and repair.  
Rolling Green Village previously used a wooden fence with a shadow box design. One of the primary elements of this design is semi-privacy, accomplished by using alternating pickets on both sides of the fence. However, complete privacy is not achieved due to the ability to see through the shadow-box fence from various angles by passers-by. Seclusion is a large priority for the residents of the assisted-living community. Fortunately, Trex Fencing’s interlocking picket design provides complete seclusion without sacrificing durability.
Trex is sensitive to the needs of senior-living communities. Trex provides reliable, safe, high-quality, low-maintenance features in its product lines, including fencing.   

For more information on how Trex Fencing can enhance your senior-living community,  please call us at 1-877-700-8739 or email us at [email protected]


Project Spotlight – AAA Quality Fence – Lafayette

Project Spotlight – AAA Quality Fence – Lafayette

I had an opportunity to visit a residential fence installation during a regional trip last week. The fence was constructed by local fence contractor, AAA Quality Fence, around a home in beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana.  The installed fence represented several hundred feet of six foot and eight foot tall fencing with gates and a couple of utility screens. Woodland Brown was the selected color. Much of the fence runs behind the home providing a natural-looking, distinct backdrop to the area. The home adjoins a school so privacy was a factor in choosing the fence. Trex Seclusions provides full privacy as well as some sound suppression.
A Trex composite fence in Lafayette, Louisiana separating a homeowner property from a school
It is always a pleasure to visit customers’ installation sites and this trip was particularly enjoyable given how attractive the Lafayette community is. Lafayette is a mid-sized city about 120 miles west of New Orleans and about 30-40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico coast. Lafayette is considered to be the center of Acadiana, which is the French Louisiana (Cajun) region.  With Spring well underway, the magnolias were at the end of their blooming season but there were still a few flowers here and there. Lafayette is home to many native species of large trees including an astonishing oak that grows next to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in the downtown area. The tree is approximately 500 years old and has a canopy that stretches over 200 ft. with a circumference in excess of 28 ft.! If you are in the area, the Cathedral and the property around it are definitely worth visiting.
The outside of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette Louisiana
The St. John Cathedral Oak, a 500-year-old oak tree in Lafayette Louisiana
About AAA Quality Fence. AAA is an experienced contractor based in Lafayette. The company has been in business since 2003 and the owner, Hans Weber, is present during the entire installation process for every job to ensure that they are built correctly, as evidenced in the installation highlighted above. AAA Quality Fence has built Trex fences in other parts of the city.

For more information about this project and how AAA Quality Fence can help you acquire your own Trex fence, contact Hans at 337-344-4006 or [email protected].

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than CMU

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than CMU

It goes by many names, CMU, masonry, concrete, cinder block, but whatever you call it, we have some news for you. It’s not the best fence material. So what makes the best fence? Trex. Trex Fencing to be exact. It goes by two names: Seclusions (classic, vertical style) and Horizons (modern, horizontal style). Read on to find out exactly why you should choose Trex Fencing over CMU.

1. Trex is More Affordable

It’s simple math: On average, the price per linear foot for Trex Fencing is cheaper than a finished masonry wall. While each basic cinder block costs about $2, when the cost of the foundation, drainage, and most importantly, labor are added in, the cost of a CMU wall adds up quickly. And, that’s just for the unfinished wall. Once texturing and staining is factored, the wall becomes an expensive structure. Trex is already a finished product (no painting or staining needed), and only requires footers for posts, not a foundation. Trex fencing materials and installation labor are less expensive overall.
Additional potential expenses can come in the form of repairs. No one wants damage, but it’s always a possibility. A block wall is quite sturdy but if the damage is substantial enough, repair costs can be exceptionally high. Taking apart a wall to replace the damage and then rebuild and refinish could lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra cost. If the misfortune of damage occurs with a Trex fence, not only is the product less expensive, but the labor to replace the damage is minimal.

2. Trex is Easier to Install

A “light-weight” block weighs about 28lbs and the average cinder block is usually closer to 38lbs. The weight of each block, combined with the precision, skill, and tools needed to build a CMU wall properly makes for a very labor-intensive project. It’s not the ideal DIY project, and it’s the reason the contracted labor can be so expensive. Trex Fencing, on the other hand, is simple. It installs like a wood fence and fits together quickly. Contractors can build a dumpster enclosure or about 120-150′ of perimeter fencing in about a day.

3. Trex Looks Better

Unless you’re into the utilitarian appearance of a masonry wall, you’d probably prefer the look of a Trex Fence. True to Trex’s reputation as an outdoor living design leader, Trex Fencing merges style and functionality. Both the Seclusions and the Horizons styles of Trex Fencing mimic the natural look of a wood fence while adding curb appeal to any home or business. The board-on-board design is unique among manufactured fences and contributes to full privacy and strength. The rails create a picture-frame look with attractive shadow lines that provide dimensionality. A Trex fence has a softer look than a wall but don’t let that deceive you. Trex is also sturdy and durable.

4. Trex Takes Up Less Space

A standard cinder block is 8″ thick. A Trex Fence Post (which is the thickest part of the fence) is 5″ wide. When working with property lines, pre-existing structures, and small spaces, sometimes thinner is better. And with Trex Fencing you won’t be sacrificing strength for space. But, it isn’t just about the fence above ground. In a tight space, a wide foundation may not be possible or it may have a serious impact on landscaping.

5. Trex Ages Better

A concrete wall is intended to be a long-lasting structure, but unfortunately, it is susceptible to problems as it ages. Cinder blocks contain holes where pockets of air are formed in the mixture. These are perfect places for expansion and contraction and can result in cracks. And because there is no “give” in a cinder block wall, even a slight amount of settling also leads to cracks. Trex Fencing’s uniquely interlocking pickets can experience some expansion and contraction without creating any crack or gaps. To keep it fresh, concrete fences also requires power-washing and repainting. Trex typically needs nothing more than an occasional cleaning. And with Trex’s 25-year Residential and 10-year Commercial Warranty, you’re fence is worry-free.

Honorable Mention: Trex is Better for Dumpster and Utility Enclosures

From small local businesses to large national chains with hundreds of locations, property owners are choosing Trex Fencing over CMU to enclose their dumpsters or outdoor utilities. Trex is strong, looks better, and costs less. *Insert quote from Steve* Enclosures protect what’s inside and cover up unsightly dumpsters or equipment. Need gates? Most enclosures require some kind of entry point, and since a concrete gate is basically impossible, you’ll be using another material like chain link or steel. Your Trex enclosure will look attractive and seamless with a matching Trex gate.
Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence

One of the most important features of a fence is security. People purchase fences to feel safe in their spaces and to keep both people and animals out. Trex Seclusions Fencing, a composite fence made from recycled wood and plastic, is uniquely designed with interlocking pickets that increase the strength and privacy of the fence.

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” – Robert Frost

The purpose of a security fence is to keep would-be intruders out of your property and alternatively to keep pets or small children in. However, there are 3 ways someone will bypass a regular wood, vinyl, or chain link fence: Climb over it, dig under it, or break through it. Fortunately, Trex Fencing can make these tasks especially difficult and can even stop unwanted guests.

1.  Over The Fence

If your fence can be climbed, it’s not a real security fence.  One of the key characteristics of Trex Seclusion Fencing is that it lacks what in the industry we call a “foothold.” There’s nowhere to put your feet in and help you climb up. Wood or iron fences with mid rails provide the perfect step-up for an intruder, animals, or even your kids to climb over the fence. A fence that is easily scaled is basically just a ladder into your yard, no matter the height.  You can add some barbwire to the top of your Trex Seclusions Fence and the lack of footholds will make it nearly impossible to climb*.

“A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it” – Arthur Baer


“It is no use asking me or anyone else how to dig… Better to go and watch a man digging, and then take a spade and try to do it.” – Gertrude Jekyll

2. Under The Fence

You don’t have a security fence if it can be dug under.  While any fence you purchase will focus on the above surface structure, there are measures you can take to make it harder to dig under such as mounting your Trex Fence on concrete (which is a popular application as shown above) or burying chicken wire to prevent animals digging underneath. In most cases, you’ll have an animal, rather than an intruder digging under your fence, but it still compromises you or your pet’s security.


3. Through The Fence

A fence that is easily broken is not a security fence. The vinyl fence is practically useless for security, and police are constantly dealing with reports of broken vinyl fences, ranging from teenagers destroying property for fun or a burglar attempting to gain access to people’s property. A chain link fence can be cut with pliers found in any store. The pickets of a wood fence are usually thin and will only weaken over time. A hammer or a good kick is usually enough to make a sizeable hole in a wood fence.

Trex Fencing is a very strong and durable material and it’s highly unlikely an adult, much less a teenager, will break through it. You can’t cut through it with pliers, and you’d need an electric saw to make a hole in the composite material. The interlocking pickets are also a key feature of Trex Fencing design, so you can’t just simply remove an individual picket, you’d have to dismantle the entire fence section. No one will be able to slip through a crack in a Trex fence, because there aren’t any.

“The little pig began to pray. But Wolfie blew his house away. He shouted, “Bacon, Pork, and Ham! Oh, what a lucky wolf I am!” And though he ate the pig quite fast, He carefully kept the tail till last.” ― Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes

If you’re looking for a fence that offers security, you’ve come to the right place. Trex Seclusions Fencing has many incredible features, but perhaps the most important one is security. And you have the added advantages that Trex Fencing won’t decay like wood and thicker and denser than PVC vinyl. Most importantly, the design also makes it hard to climb and hard to break through, making it a very effective security fence. Trex Seclusions Fencing is an excellent choice to protect both your property and your loved ones.

If you have any questions about Trex Fencing or if you’re ready to get your project started, give us a call at 877-700-8739.

*It’s important to note that our other design, Horizons, is a horizontal fencing system and is easy to climb. So, if you are looking for a security fence, choose the Seclusions style.
Kids Climbing Wood Fence: Alligator Climbing Chain Link Fence: Man Climbing Iron Fence: Dog Shaming Hole Under Wood Fence: Hole with Dog Under Vinyl Fence: Two Dogs Crawling Under Wood Fence: Police Department Facebook Post: Hole Cut in Chain Link Fence: Broken Pickets Wood Fence:
Project Spotlight: After Hurricane Irma

Project Spotlight: After Hurricane Irma

Florida residents faced a particularly rough hurricane season in 2017. After things calmed down, there were a lot of broken fences, and a lot of homeowners looking for something better. One of these homeowners was Tracey from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sections of Tracey’s old wood fence were toppled during Hurricane Irma, and she wasn’t about to replace it with a new wood fence that would only last until the next hurricane. This led her to search for something better and she found Trex Fencing.

Trex Composite Fencing has actually been certified to withstand hurricane-force winds, unlike your average wood fence. In addition to being incredibly strong, Trex Fencing is also beautiful and private; something you won’t find with other “hurricane fences”. In fact, Tracey specifically chose Trex Fencing because of its durability and clean, classic appearance. 

Ready for a Trex Fence of your own? Click here to get samples and give us a call or email and we can help you get started.

Your Next Fence Contractor

Your Next Fence Contractor

The fence contractor you hire is just as important as the fence material you choose. In order to make the right choice, you should thoroughly vet your installer and their company. Think of your initial estimate as an interview. You don’t always have to go with the first contractor that appears after your Google search. Take the time to get a few different estimates from your local fence contractors. We’ve created a list of the top 22 questions you should ask your fence installer before getting started. Feel free to download and print off the PDF checklist we’ve created to help you through the estimate process. 

Questions for Your Fence Estimator

1. What are your credentials and experience in fence installation?

Find someone who has been installing fences for years. Also look for fence companies that are members of the American Fence Company and have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Check that your fence builder has a license to install fences. It’s also important that they are insured and bonded so that you are not responsible if something goes wrong.

3. Do the fence and labor come with warranties?

Trex comes with a 25-Year residential warranty, but you, as the homeowner, needs to register it. It’s also a good idea to make sure your fence contractor provides a warranty for the installation and labor, in case something goes wrong.

4. Do you have referrals or reviews from past customers?

It’s easy to find reviews of fence companies online, but they can sometimes be misleading. Ask the estimator if there are any recent customers you could contact to learn about their experience with the company.

5. What are some of the recent projects you’ve completed?

It’s helpful to be able the scope of the fence company’s work. Ask for pictures or a location where you can visit that they’ve recently installed a fence.

6. Can I review a copy of your standard contracts?

When you sign a contract, it will be specific to you. But if they have a standard contract, it’s good to look it over and ask questions about things you don’t understand.

7. Do you take care of permits?

There’s a lot of paperwork that you need before you can even start building your fence. Find out if your contractor collects city permits for you, or if you need to get them yourself.

8. Will you take care of marking utility lines?

Fence companies don’t actually mark utility lines, your city or gas company will do that for free. But it’s important to ask if that’s something the contract will take care of or if you need to do it yourself.

9. Do you subcontract out any of the work?

Some fence companies will use subcontractors to do the work they can’t always complete. Using a subcontractor isn’t good or bad, but you should always be aware of all the people you will be working with.

10. Have you ever installed Trex Fencing before?

Believe it or not, there are some fence contractors that have never installed Trex Fencing before. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they can’t do it! Trex Fencing is easy to install and we have install specialists ready to guide them through the process and answer any questions they might have.

11. What are the steps of your installation process?

It’s important to understand your fence installer’s process so you know what to expect and how long it will take.

12. How deep will you set the posts and will they be in concrete?

You want to be sure that your fence will be installed correctly. It’s important that the posts are installed below the frost line and in concrete, if necessary, for stability. You don’t want your fence builder cutting any corners.

13. Will my fence be stepped or sloped?

If your yard has any kind of a grade, your fence won’t be a straight horizontal line. Ask your fence builder if they plan on stepping the fence or sloping it. Find out more about the difference between stepping and sloping here.

14. How tall will be fence be?

Trex Fencing can be built as small as 4ft and as tall as 12ft. However, most cities have regulations on how high a fence can be. Your fence installer should be familiar on local city codes and together you can decide the height that works best for you.

15. What would I need to do before the fence can be installed?

Your fence builder might need you to clean up your yard, remove your exsisting fence, gather permits, mark utility lines, get approval from your neighbors, or secure kids and dogs inside. Communicate with them, so when they show up to work, there are no delays.

16. Do I need to be present while my fence is being installed?

There are some parts of the installation process that might require you to be home in order to answer questions or make decisions. It’s important to make a plan with your contractor to be around when they need you.

17. Will you take care of site clean-up?

Building a fence is messy. Find yourself a contractor that cleans up after themselves. You shouldn’t have to do it for them.

18. Is there someone I can keep in contact with throughout this process?

It’s always good to have contact information for someone who knows what’s happening with your fence. If you have questions, concerns, or you want to change your plan, be sure that you know who to talk to and how to reach them.

19. Can you provide me with a site plan?

In addition to a written estimate, your estimator might be able to give you a site plan which is a discriptive drawing of the fence plan. It can be helpful to have a visual, and to reference it while your fence is being installed.


20. Does your estimate include all reasonable costs to build this fence?

You should know exactly how much your fence will cost when you recieve your estimate. Occasionally things will go wrong and additional charges might be necessary, but a good contractor is upfront with all their prices and fees.

21. Are there any deals or discounts you can offer me?

It’s always nice to save some money. Find out if your fence contractor has any promotions or if there are things you can do to keep costs low. Sometimes you can recieve discounts by installing out of season or paying the full cost up-front.

22. Will you confirm with me before making any changes not specified in our contract?

Communication is key. Find yourself a fence company that will be transparent with you ever step of the way. And if something goes wrong, they’ll let you know. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect when your fence is finished and the final bill comes due.

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California

Project Spotlight: El Segundo, California

Trex Privacy Fencing is incredibly popular in California and it’s not some short-lived trend. More and more homeowners are choosing Trex as their first fence in a new home, to replace an old, broken down fence, or even to install a pool fence. Trex Fencing is made up of quality composite materials and many clients find the 25-year residential warranty especially appealing. We’re featuring this beautiful fence located in El Segundo, California as an example of what to expect when you have a Trex Fence.

Why Trex Privacy Fencing?

When building a new fence, it’s natural to do some research to determine which fence is right for you. Very few people will call the first fence contractor they find on google and ask them to install whatever fence they think is best. Most people spend time researching both the contractor and the fence type that will fit their needs and their budget. Fencing is a large purchase and it’s perfectly reasonable to take your time with the big decision. But Trex is such a great fencing material that we’re never surprised when a customer ultimately chooses Trex. This homeowner in El Segundo, California was most interested in Trex’s low-maintenance qualities. No painting or staining is ever needed, unlike a wood fence. While vinyl fencing doesn’t need staining either, it’s not really low-maintenance when you’re constantly repairing it. Trex was also chosen over vinyl because it has a more classic wood-like appearance, something that doesn’t look like cheap plastic. And unlike the thin and hollow vinyl fencing, Trex is solid and dense and does a much better job at blocking ambient noise.

This homeowner planned to replace their old wood fence with Trex Composite Fencing.

Unlike wood, Trex won’t peel or split, and this rich color will last without staining.

The Contractor Experience

Greg Ethenoz at Beyond Decks was the contractor and installer on this job. It’s just as important to choose the right contractor as it is to choose the right fencing material. Greg is best known for his deck, patio covers, and deck-over-seawall installations (check out his YouTube channel), and has worked with Trex Decking for over 11 years. His quality craftsmanship and his appreciation for Trex is what led him to add Trex Fencing to his portfolio. Greg highly recommends Trex Fencing to all those who are looking for a quality fence. His tip to homeowners is to budget for a good fence, rather than leaving it as an afterthought when you are building your home or redoing your landscaping. Often times people will prioritize their deck and when it comes time to build your fence, all you can afford is a cheap fence that you’ll have to replace in a few years. It’s better to build the best fence now and never worry about it again.

This old wood gate was warping and unstable on its hinges.

Trex Fencing has a very similar design to the classic wood fence, but it doesn’t experience the same warping over time.

The Installation and the Final Product

For this El Segundo residence, approximately 200 feet of Woodland Brown Trex Seclusions Fencing was used. The verticle style Seclusions gives the classic appearance of a board-on-board fence. Because of the sloping in the yard and the masonry wall along a portion of the perimeter, the installation of this Trex Fence was unique. The height of the fence varied throughout the yard. In some places, the fence was as tall as 8ft. When installed on top of the existing concrete wall, the Trex Fence was only 4ft high. When a yard has a minor slope like the one here, Greg recommends stepping the fence for a cleaner look, and to ensure there are no gaps underneath the fence. Another great feature of Trex is how easy it is to work with. It can be cut to any height, stepped or sloped, installed in the dirt or on top of concrete. For this job, Trex Fencing was even used as an enclosure for pool equipment. The final result is beautiful. The appearance of a classic wood fence with none of the maintenance. This client will never have to deal with warping, rotting, painting or staining and their fence will always be private and secure.

Even though this yard is on a slope, the Trex Fence was stepped on top of the existing masonry wall for a clean, modern look.

If you’re interested in your very own Trex Privacy Fence and you live in the Thousand Oaks area, visit Greg’s website. If you don’t live in California, don’t worry, we have great Trex contractors all over the nation. Contact us to find a Trex Friendly fence company near you.

Check out our fence laws and regulations pages for Southern California cities in the LA and Orange Counties. You’ll find information on local fence laws, obtaining permits, and links to helpful info.
Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing

Project Spotlight: Alleyway Fencing

We’ve featured Trex Privacy Fencing in large, landscaped yards, businesses with hundreds of feet of perimeter fencing, and backyards with beautiful pools surrounded by Trex. This Baltimore alleyway yard and Trex Fence might be compact, but there’s nothing small about the impact. In cities where everything seems crowded and real estate is valuable, it’s important to make the most out of your property. A Trex Fence can enhance curb appeal, provide privacy and security, and significantly reduce the hours spent on maintenance and repairs. For homeowner Chris, Trex was the clear choice for his back alley fencing.
To begin this project, the existing chain link and old wood fence were removed. Continental Landscaping then installed the 6ft tall Saddle colored Trex fence and the existing concrete posts worked well as accents. It only took 80ft of Trex Seclusions to transform this small space. And because Trex has the same board-on-board look on both sides, it’s considered a neighbor-friendly fence. Chris chose Trex because of its strength and durability, as well as its clean, classic appearance. And he is happy to report that, six months later, his Trex Fence has held up well and still looks great. 
Before, this yard was little more than a parking space.
The view from above shows off the 6ft tall Trex Seclusions Fence with the concrete posts.
In addition to the new Trex Fence, cosmetic upgrades were also made to this small yard. The ground was leveled and bricks were laid. A raised garden bed was installed along the side, perfect for decorative plants or a small vegetable garden. Other potted plants and trees were placed around the perimeter to add greenery and the Trex Fence is the perfect background. There was even enough space for a grill, a table and chairs, and a parked car. And while the yard is still open into the back alley, Trex’s interlocking pickets provide some privacy for a family BBQ or late night drinks with friends.
After Trex Fencing was installed, this yard was transformed into a space to be enjoyed.
Trex Privacy Fencing in the color Saddle is a beautiful backdrop for this garden.
A unique issue with alleyway fencing is the possibility of a car bumping into the fence. We would never suggest deliberately hitting a fence and every fence, even a concrete wall will sustain some damage after a substantial hit. But for those less forceful nicks and scrapes in a small alleyway, Trex is more durable and sturdier than vinyl and wood. This testimonial by a car dealership with Trex Fencing shows exactly what Trex can handle. 

Landscape and yard size doesn’t really matter when you have the right tools and a good plan. From a rolling farm to a city alleyway, any space can be a backyard escape, with Trex.

Frightful Fence Contest

Frightful Fence Contest

Do you have a scary fence? A fence so ugly that it makes you scream? If you’ve been interested in replacing that hideous fence with a beautiful new Trex Fence, but not sure how to get started, we’ve got a contest for you. Send us a picture of your terrible fence and you’ll be entered to win a FREE Trex Fence Sample Kit ($15 value). Throughout the month of October, you can submit photos of your old, broken fence that you’d like to replace with Trex. Each unique picture counts as one entry. On November 2nd, we’ll choose the 5 ugliest fences and send the winners the Trex Fencing Sample Kit in the color of their choice and a premium Trex branded hat!
Pictures can be submitted for entry 3 ways. Each unique photo will count as one entry across all platforms.

  1. Email photo to [email protected]
  2. Post photo to Your Next Fence facebook page
  3. Tweet the photo using the tags #FrightfulFence and @YourNextFence

Winchester Grey


Woodland Brown

Contest Rules

All pictures must be emailed by November 1st, 2017 9 am MST. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to US residents only. Contest hosted by FDS Distributors. Five winners will be chosen. By submitting a picture you automatically agree to the Terms, Conditions, and Rules. Pictures submitted must be taken by the homeowner, only of their own fence. Photos submitted will become the property of FDS Distributors and entrant understands that their photos may be used for promotional purposes on and its social media accounts. By Trex Fencing Sample Kit includes: (1) 9” Sample board in the color of the winner’s choice (1) Set of 3, 1” color samples (3) Trex Fencing Brochures (1) Customer Service Contact Card.

More Information and Official Contest Rules

Doggie Escape Artists Thwarted By Trex Fencing

If you have a dog, you probably also have a fence. Even though fences are a necessity for most dog owners, it can be frustrating when your dog figures out how to escape, despite the fence. It can be tricky choosing a fence that will keep your dog contained. Invisible or electric fences are for people that don’t want an actual fence surrounding their property, or the last resort option when all other fence types have failed. Dogs are smart and if you choose the wrong fence, your dog will break free.

Explore the 4 Types of Doggie Escape Artists and Learn How a Trex Fence Will Stop Them All

Type 1: The Jumper

Is your dog able to leap fences in a single bound? Or maybe he uses wood rails or chain links as a foothold to climb over the fence? Trex is completely solid and has no mid-rails. It can be built 6ft, 8ft, or even 12ft for the most powerful jumpers.

Type 2: The Digger

Has your dog dug themselves a small escape hole under the fence? While you set your Trex Fence Posts in concrete, you can also pour concrete all along the fence line. This concrete strip is called a “mow-strip” and is impossible for dogs to dig through. And since Trex has a 25-year residential warranty, you’ll never have to worry about digging up that concrete to replace a broken fence. (*Bonus* Installing a mow strip will not only stop the digger but it makes mowing your lawn even more convenient. You can use your mower right up along the edge of the lawn without trimming or weed-whacking.)

Type 3: The Bulldozer

Does your dog have an incredibly strong head or very sharp teeth? She doesn’t even bother trying to go under or over the fence, she’ll just go right through it. Trex is stronger and more durable than wood because it’s combined with plastic. And unlike vinyl, it won’t become brittle and shatter in colder temperatures. The only way you’ll put a hole in your fence is if you drill one. 

Type 4: The Squeezer

Maybe you have a small or very thin dog that somehow seems to fit through the bars of an iron fence or the pickets of a wood fence. With Trex’s interlocking pickets, even the tiniest dogs don’t have any chance of squeezing through. Trex Fencing can also be sloped which will prevent gaps between the bottom of your fence and any uneven ground.

What About Cats?

If you’ve got a cat, good luck. There’s no fence in the world that can contain a cat. So you might as well just get a Trex Fence. Your cat will look regal walking on top of it.

Keep your dog safe and contained with a Trex Fence. Click Here to order samples or Here to find an installer in your area.

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Project Spotlight: South Carolina Residence

Project Spotlight: South Carolina Residence

All the best landscapes have two things in common, thoughtful planning and a Trex Fence. A customer in South Carolina did just that to create this beautiful, spacious yard.


Months before any work actually began in the yard, the homeowner began his research. He wanted a fence that was private, secure, and something that actually looked good. Many days were spent researching various kinds of composite fences including SimTek, EndWood, Illusions, and Trex. He went to home shows and collected as much information as he could about the products. Ultimately, he decided to use Trex because of its proven durability and natural appearance. It’s a fence that withstands the weather, and wouldn’t be destroyed if a tree were to fall. And he definitely wasn’t interested in something that needed regular upkeep and repair. And the homeowner decided that a Trex Fence that would provide the perfect backdrop to his newly landscaped yard.

The yard before landscaping.


After deciding on Trex, he went to his local Lowe’s store. Lowe’s was able to special order the Trex Fencing and also connect him with a nearby contractor. While this fence installer had never worked with Trex before, all it took was a few minutes on the phone with our national sales team to figure out how to install the fence. And thanks to this customer’s in-depth research, he was able to help. After completing the 8ft tall Woodland Brown Trex Seclusions Fence, the fencer said it was the greatest fence he had ever installed. The customer also chose a pair his Trex Fence with 4ft tall Alumi-Guard fencing in the front portion of his yard along with a small side gate. Trex matches ornamental fencing very well, especially to break up the look of a solid fence and to allow some visibility into the yard.

The 8ft tall Trex Fence with an aluminum gate.

The Trex Fence:

From concept to completion this project took about a year, including the research, planning and clearing the some of the trees. But the customer says it was well worth it. He is awestruck every time he looks out his window and he is absolutely thrilled with his Trex Fence.  He says that even people walking down the street will stop to admire and comment on his fence. He couldn’t be more proud.

Trex Fencing is the perfect backdrop for landscaping.

A view from the front yard before installing Trex.

Much of the yard had to be cleared of trees before landscaping began.

The view from the side of the house before the fence and gate were installed.

Trex integrates well with an ornamental metal fence.

Woodland Brown Trex Fence with trees and shed.

Trex Fencing with a 4ft aluminum gate.

Interested in your own Trex Fence? Click Here to Order Samples


Would you like to have your Trex Fence featured on our website? Send us pictures and project details to [email protected]

Trex Fencing Survives a Texas Tornado

Trex Fencing Survives a Texas Tornado

We take pride in selling Trex Fencing because we know it’s a great product. We often hear positive reviews from satisfied customers, but the story of Bonnie G. from Crowley, Texas was something that had to be shared. She wrote ”I have a beautiful Trex Seclusions fence around my backyard. In a recent tornado, my house was severely damaged and 2 of the bottom rails of the fence had to be replaced. Work was done by Buzz Fence Company in Fort Worth, who also did the original installation. All of my neighbors’ fences were blown down, but mine stayed put.  I’m proud of my fence.”
We were thrilled to hear that Bonnie is proud of her fence, but we can’t say we were surprised.

Trex is a product that is built to survive all the extremes of nature, including the tornado and hurricane force winds. No one should be looking out their window during a storm only to find that their fence is flying through their yard. Trex is strong, tested to wind speeds up to 110 mph and wind gusts to 130 mph. Click here to view the independent wind-load testing results. Often, fences require gaps to allow some wind to pass through, rendering them semi-private, but the special design of the Trex Seclusions and the Trex Horizons fences allow for complete privacy, while also still being windproof.  Trex is a wind resistant fence because the composite material is strong, durable and much thicker than other products on the market. And Trex guarantees that your fence will stay safe and secure with a 25-year residential warranty.  Whether you’re living in Tornado Alley or just a windy part of town, Trex is the best fence for you.

But we can’t take all the credit. Buzz Custom Fence installed this Trex Seclusions fence and quickly replaced the 2 bottom rails after the storm. We’d like to thank Buzz Custom Fence for the installation, repairs and their representation of Trex Fencing. We are proud to be partnered with this great company.

About Buzz Custom Fence

Buzz Custom Fence is a family-owned business started in 1999 by Denise and Eric Schrader.  Together, they have built a company staffed by hard-working individuals who work together as a team to provide beautiful fences and gates for homes, schools, and businesses all over North Texas.  Among our many options for fencing, we are proud to partner with Trex to offer visually stunning and durable composite fences.

The slogan, “We promise a lot and deliver more” is the goal for every job, no matter how large or small.  Our commitment to value and complete customer satisfaction is upheld by every employee and proven by the many awards we have received and happy customers we have served.  When you see a beautiful fence, look for the “Buzz” sign on it!”

If you’re in the Northern Texas area and are interested in your very own tornado-proof Trex Fence, contact Buzz Custom Fence.

Buzz Custom Fence

5104 West Vickery Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 263-9788

Have a story about your Trex Fence that you’d like to share?

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Project Spotlight: Wire Mesh Garden Panels

Project Spotlight: Wire Mesh Garden Panels

Homeowner Kenji S. from Houston, Texas installed this custom Trex Fence, complete with wire panels for growing vines.
Some people might consider a fence an eyesore or a necessary evil. But Trex proves that doesn’t have to be true. Your fence can be an incredible backdrop to a beautiful yard. This project spotlight highlights the creativity of one of our customers. Kenji S. from Houston TX. took his Trex Fence to the next level by replacing every third panel with galvanized wire mesh in order to create a living fence. We are awestruck by the creativity and the effects of this beautiful fence.
Kenji chose to install this fence himself, with the help of a fence-savvy friend. The installation took several Saturdays, but his hard work paid off. After having a positive experience with Trex Decking, it made sense to finish the yard with Trex Fencing. Kenji familiarized himself with the materials as well as the instructions found HERE. The project began by installing the Trex fence posts, then the bottom rails followed by the Trex pickets. In the sections that would hold the vines, Kenji used galvanized 3in. wire mesh.  To match the Trex Winchester Grey color and to add an extra layer of protection, the wire-mesh received a coat of Rustoleum spray paint. After the pickets and mesh were installed, the top rails were placed throughout the entire fence.

3″ Galvanized Wire Mesh was used in place of a Trex panel in order to grow flowering vines.

By alternating Trex Seclusions sections with the vine covered panels, Kenji added visual interest to his fence.

A section of garden bed was prepared at the base of each mesh panel before planting the vines.  Kenji did his research and chose several vine plants that would thrive in the Houston climate.  He also took into consideration vines that were evergreen (which would provide privacy all year long) and different kinds of vines that would flower and bloom at different times. The vines planted include:
  • Star or Confederate Jasmine
  • Blue Crown Passion Flower Vine
  • Evergreen Wisteria Vine
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Tangerine Cross Vine
  • Red Cascade Climbing Rose Vine
A few of the plants grew quickly and filled in within the summer, while the rest will continue to grow and fill in over the next couple of years.
Kenji S. said about Trex Fencing and his project: “This is a huge project for a DIYer, and I would not have attempted it if my friend George had not had experience installing fence. I used Trex decking because of its longevity in the humid Houston environment.  This naturally lead me to Trex Fencing. I found working with the materials very straightforward and easy. I worked with the Home Depot Pro Desk to secure all the materials, and this afforded me a nice discount from their retail list prices and was an overall great experience.” (Kudos to Doris at store #577 located at 999 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77008).

A small area of soil and irrigation were needed at the base of these mesh panels to help the vines grow quickly and evenly.

And his advice for anyone else interested in tackling a similar project with distinct elements: “Plan, plan, plan and review your plan thoroughly.  Whether you have an architect draw-up detailed plans or use AutoCad or Microsoft Visio, have a detailed plan to ensure correct measurements for accurate materials ordering & installation.”

An alternate view shows both the form and function of this yard.

This project is proof of what hard work and planning, as well as the DIY spirit, can do for your yard.

From the many plants to the eco-friendly Trex, this yard is all about green.

The architectural drawing of the backyard design.

The homeowner was so pleased with his Trex Deck, he decided he needed a Trex Fence to match.

Kathleen Reardon of RD Architecture in Houston, Texas is credited with the design for this incredible backyard.




Horizontal fences are in high demand and there are a lot of materials and options available. Perhaps you’re contemplating a new fence for your yard and are considering if this style is right for you. Whether you are looking to do it yourself, have it installed by professionals, or just making plans for the future, this guide will help you sort through some of the most important details you should consider in choosing the right horizontal fence.


Horizontal lines have been adopted in numerous aspects of modern design. From wall treatments to furniture, they provide a signature look. The famous modern architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, used horizontal lines to form a relationship between his buildings and the landscape. Fencing is simply another extension of your home’s architecture. Choosing to build a horizontal fence over a more traditional design, will give your house unique curb appeal.

Trex Horizons Horizontal Fence System

Trex Horizons Fence System

To best understand why horizontal fences look so appealing, it’s important to understand some basics of art composition.

  • Horizontal lines are used to expand spaces.
  • They run parallel to the earth and show a continuation of landscaping.
  • Horizontal lines are at rest and peaceful.
  • Horizontal lines are combined with vertical lines to build stable shapes.
  • A break in a horizontal line can create emphasis.

So what does that mean for my yard?

Horizontal lines occur naturally in nature like the horizon on the ocean.

Horizontal Line in Nature


Horizontal fences can promote feelings of relaxation and peace. I know this sounds a little cosmic and existential but it’s true. There is an increasing popularity to promote health and wellness in home design through the use of neutral colors and clean lines. A horizontal fence carries that theme to the backyard. Since our brains are wired to recognize that objects laying down are in a state of rest, a horizontal line promotes that feeling. So, naturally while you are reclining on a poolside lounger you’d be able to look at that relaxed fence line and totally relate.

Installing a horizontal fence will expand your backyard. OK, maybe not literally, but visually the lines will make any space feel bigger. This happens for the same reason vertical lines are so slimming on clothing. They draw attention in the direction they run. Having a horizontal fence will emphasize how much area your yard has, rather than drawing attention to the height of your fence and other structures on your property. So, what once might have looked like a tiny patio will now look like there’s room to spread out.

Another major benefit of horizontal fences is that they tie landscaping together. Those lines that run from side to side draw the eye across your yard from one area to another. You can still create unique spaces within your yard by using plants and borders that break up the fence line.

Trees and other tall plants are great at defining different areas in a yard. A tree, tall plant, or yard ornament will be emphasized and stand out even more in front of horizontal fence. Any design that runs against the lines in the background will become a focal point, which is especially great if you want your landscaping to be the star of your design.


There are a few material choices for building a horizontal fence in the United States that don’t require custom fabrication — wood, Trex, and other composites. With a variety options, it is important to balance your decision between aesthetics, performance, and cost.


Wood is the most frequently chosen product because it’s a natural and traditional building material. Within the wood category there are many choices. It comes in a variety of dimensions and can be customized for any project. It also looks great when stained and the exotic varieties are quite eye-catching.

Post supports should be 4-5 ft apart to ensure greater strength and help control sagging. Another good option for structural support is to add a metal frame. This will also help make the fence more solid and provide a good surface to attach the rails. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want to choose which side of the fence will have the metal frame showing.

Hawaiian birch is a popular choice in Southern California because it is quite rigid. Some contractors might also recommend using redwood, ipe, or other hardwood deck boards as rails. These typically have a thickness of 5/4″. Many of the horizontal fence pictures featured on Pinterest are using hardwoods.

Wood has a tendency to shrink with time and temperature. To keep a full privacy look, it is good to overlap boards. Alternatively many homeowners choose to do a semi-private design that allows for a gap.

Wood fences do require some maintenance.. To keep your fence from weathering too quickly, it’s good to stain a minimum of every 2-3 years.

Tropical Wood Horizontal Fence

Tropical Wood Horizontal Fence


Trex Horizons is a horizontal composite fence system. It uses interlocking pickets to create a board-on-board design that is the same on both sides. Horizons is encased in a metal frame for added structure and to mount to the posts.

The interlocking pickets keep constant pressure on each other to prevent warping, bowing, and sagging creating a full privacy fence with no gaps. It installs on 8 ft centers and remains rigid throughout. A larger section width means less labor for installation.

Trex Horizons is made from 95% recycled materials and resists insect damage and will not rot. It withstands high winds and performs well in all climates. The Trex components of the fence come with a 25-year residential warranty.

There are some additional infographics to see how Trex fencing compares to wood, vinyl, masonry, and other composites

Trex Horizons in Woodland Brown Stepped Design

Trex Horizons in Woodland Brown Stepped Design


Other composite fences typically use tongue-and-groove pickets floating inside a metal frame. The fence boards are sometimes embossed with a wood grain pattern and the boards install in 6 ft and 8 ft sections. The composite fence boards are made from recycled wood or other organic material and plastic.

Manufacturers’ warranties vary, typically starting at 1-year.


Fence gaps on a horizontal fence work roughly like a set of partially closed window shades. The closer you get to the gap, the more you can see. There isn’t a very large difference for visibility between horizontal and other semi-private fence designs. It all depends on the size of the gap.


Horizontal Fencing is becoming more common among neighborhood businesses that reside near or within residential areas. Many new businesses that require fencing or screening (especially larger national retail chains) have chosen to include horizontal fencing as part of their design, reflecting current building trends for fencing within the industry.

Trex Horizons in Woodland Brown Stepped Design

Louvered Wood Horizontal Fence With Brick Columns


Horizontal fences are a popular choice for privacy screen panels. Sometimes a single section or two will be used as a divider to separate sections of the yard or to partition a patio or pool area. Additionally horizontal fences make excellent enclosures for utility areas or dumpsters.

Climbing vines do well on semi private horizontal fences but considerations should be made as to what impact the vine might have on the fence over time.


To find out more about Trex Fencing, visit the literature page for helpful tips, installation videos, and contact information for purchasing.

If you decide to go with wood, it’s best to talk to a local fence contractor to see what materials they recommend in your area. Make sure to do your homework and verify any service professional you hire.