New Trex Fencing Installation Videos

New Trex Fencing Installation Videos

Based on popular demand, Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors has produced how-to installation videos for both Trex Seclusions and Trex with Horizons Fence Systems.  Trex Fencing has never been easier to install with FDS Fence Distributors’ new installation videos walking you through every step:

The Trex Fencing-FDS Distributor how-to videos will walk you through the various steps of building a Trex Seclusions fence.  Steps include setting the fence posts, attaching the Seclusions brackets, assembling and placing the bottom rail, cutting and attaching the pickets, and placing the top rail. The installation videos also feature finishing steps including securing the pickets to the vertical front rails and installing the post caps.

Be guided through the process of setting your posts and brackets to the correct measurements, placing the horizontal top rail, attaching the vertical front and back rails, and cutting and hanging the pickets with correct measurements. The Horizons video also includes finishing steps of how to secure the pickets and install the post caps.

Click the videos above to see how to assemble a section of either Trex Seclusions or Trex with Horizons fencing in just a matter of minutes.  The new how-to videos are easily accessible to be used by contractors or even DIYers. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released Spanish translation and upcoming video content from Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors! Click here to view our entire video gallery.

Project Spotlight – Rolling Green Village – Greenville, South Carolina

Nestled in Greenville, South Carolina is Rolling Green Village, an assisted living community dedicated to the safety and living quality of their residents.  In maintaining the residents’ high standards of living, Rolling Green Village has opted for the installation of Trex Fencing to improve the security, privacy, and overall quality of the community.  Trex Fencing contributes to the natural beauty of this South Carolina assisted-living community, an area with an abundance of trees and attractive landscaping.

Rolling Green Village was faced with a challenge when their wooden fence had rotted. With fence posts broken at the base and warped pickets presenting privacy, safety, and maintenance concerns, this senior retirement community decided it was time to find a more reliable and long-lasting fencing solution. Rolling Green Village selected Trex because of its rot resistance, wind tolerance, and security.  

Rolling Green Village strives to foster an inclusive, quality environment for its senior residents and their families. To enhance the value of the community, this Greenville retirement association was in the market for a fence that would meet the specific criteria for privacy and aesthetics, and that would be free from regular maintenance and repair.  

Rolling Green Village previously used a wooden fence with a shadow box design. One of the primary elements of this design is semi-privacy, accomplished by using alternating pickets on both sides of the fence. However, complete privacy is not achieved due to the ability to see through the shadow-box fence from various angles by passers-by. Seclusion is a large priority for the residents of the assisted-living community. Fortunately, Trex Fencing’s interlocking picket design provides complete seclusion without sacrificing durability.

Trex is sensitive to the needs of senior-living communities. Trex provides reliable, safe, high-quality, low-maintenance features in its product lines, including fencing.   

For more information on how Trex Fencing can enhance your senior-living community,  please call us at 1-877-700-8739 or email us at [email protected]


Composite Fencing 101: Advantages, Contents, Ingenious Design, & More

A Trex composite fence is made up of many different materials, instead of a wood fence or a vinyl fence, which uses only one material. But what’s so great about a composite? Think of a shirt that is part cotton, part polyester. The cotton makes it soft and the polyester helps it hold its shape. Or CFRPs, another composite that we use every day. From bikes to airplanes, the fiber makes it lightweight and the resin makes it strong. The point of composites is to take the strengths from each material to make a better product, and even eliminate the problems of a single material.

Polyester/cotton blend shirts are extremely popular.

CFRP is also known as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

Trex Composite Fencing

In fencing, building with a single material has its pros and its cons. Wood might be strong, but it is susceptible to rot and insect damage. Vinyl might be easy to maintain, but it is easily broken. That’s where the Trex composite material comes in. Trex uses wood and plastic, taking the best features from both, to make their composite material. Using wood gives it strength and a natural appearance. Using plastic makes it resistant to rot and insect damage. But it gets even better. 95% of the composite material is recycled. Trex takes reclaimed wood and sawdust that would otherwise be thrown out. Additionally, they use all kinds of plastic film, including grocery bags, plastic wrappers from products like toilet paper and paper towels, and even sandwich bags. By utilizing recycled materials, Trex has never cut down a single tree or manufactured brand new plastic to make a fence. Trex composite isn’t just good for your fence, it’s also beneficial for the environment.




Trex Composite Colors

Another material in the composite mix is the color. Other companies use expensive UV inhibitors, but their fences always fade. Trex is smarter. When the fencing is manufactured, the material is over pigmented (meaning there is extra color added), so it will naturally weather to the correct color. Everything outside in the elements is going to change, but Trex makes sure your fence will always look fantastic.

A Fence For Every Season

Unless you live in under a large sheltered dome, you’re going to need a fence that can handle the weather. From hot summer days to cold winter nights, and everything in between, the Trex composite is virtually weather-proof. We’re not sure if it would survive a volcanic explosion, but it’s been tested against most everything else. Trex won’t contract like wood, making gaps in between pickets. And when it gets cold, Trex won’t become brittle and shatter like vinyl. It’s been certified to withstand hurricane force winds and it won’t rot in humid environments. Again, it’s that special combination of wood and plastic that helps it withstand the elements.

Trex Fencing is made for extreme weather.

Trex vs The Other Guys

How does Trex compare with other composites? The short answer is: no other product out there measures up. And here’s why:

Trex Composite Material has been perfected in their fencing and decking.


Trex was founded in 1996, more than 20 years ago, introducing the idea of wood/plastic composites to the outdoor market. In an effort to compete with Trex, many companies have attempted their own composite fencing line with less than stellar results. The common theme among these companies is that they tend to crack, just like their products. Other manufacturers just can’t produce a formula that is strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. And when the products fail, the company either sells out or closes, and those warranties they offered are now void.


The exact Trex formula is a company secret, but it’s easy to find out what’s in Trex and how it’s made. It’s right here on their website. Trex uses recycled wood and plastic. Other companies aren’t so transparent, and it can be tricky to figure out what exactly is in their fencing. One company’s composite is made from plastic and wheat, which warps badly in the heat. Another company uses bamboo which isn’t sustainable. Some vinyl and plastic fence companies will even try to pass their material off as composite, saying that its many up of many different types of plastic. But these fences are just plastic, through and through, and come with all the issues of a plastic fence. Even still, some companies will just make composite pickets, then require the use of wood or metal posts which decay in the ground. If a fence manufacturer claims their product is composite, do a little research to find the truth.

Picket Style

In addition to their solid formula, Trex has designed their fence pickets to interlock in a simple, yet brilliant way, that makes them 100% private, 100% secure, and 100% easy to install. The other guys use different styles that just don’t work as well. When using face nail pickets, the nails will loosen over time and the boards can warp and split. Solid panels are heavy, can’t be customized, and can’t slope in an uneven yard. Tongue and groove boards will gap as they expand and contract, and they aren’t nearly as strong as the Trex. The fencing system is just as important as the fencing material.

No other fence works like this.

The Cost of Composite

There is one more thing we have to address, and that’s the cost. If you’ve done your research on composite fencing, you know that it is the most expensive fencing material. But if you’ve really done your research, you know that Trex is worth every penny. While wood and vinyl might be cheaper up-front, you still have to account for the cost of maintenance and repair.  Wood fences need painting or staining, and protective coatings to prevent rot and insect damage. Vinyl fences, while they seem low-maintenance, are easily broken and must be repaired or replaced to keep them looking nice. So yes, Trex Fencing is expensive, but if you want a fence that looks impeccable, doesn’t require ongoing work, and comes with a 25-year residential warranty, it’s the cheapest fence of all.

Trex is the fence you need.

Still not convinced? We encourage you to do your own research. Our customers tell us that, after exploring every option, Trex is the winner. We’ve had contractors say it’s the best material they’ve ever worked with. Click here to order your very own samples of Trex composite fencing.

To get in touch with our experts, please give us a call or shoot us an email!

The New Face of Trex Fencing & CFC Distributors

The New Face of Trex Fencing & CFC Distributors

We are pleased to announce the completion of This new site is designed to take your Trex Fencing experience to the next level. In the coming months we will be releasing more DIY tutorials, project spotlights, photos,  tools, and resources for homeowners, contractors, architects, and other community and building professionals.