Complementary Colors- No need for fence paint

Personalize the details of your project with a color that will showcase your own sense of style. Trex carefully selected three versatile colors that can pair with any architectural color pallette. You aren’t choosing whether your fence will match your yard. Instead are picking what feeling you want to create by combining your sensibilities with the Trex Fence color of your choice.


Saddle fencing starts out dark tan and fades to a lighter tan mimics the color and tone of natural stained wood. When paired with vibrant colors, Saddle provides a natural added warmth commonly seen on craftsman homes with exposed raw timber construction.

Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey fencing will be a noticeably different color when new (typically a brownish/green color) and will weather to its intended color of light grey. Because it has a brownish color when new, it can be mistaken as Woodland Brown at first glance. Winchester Grey is a popular color when combined with a white accent. It can compliment natural colors in brick or masonry, and can be attractive when used in modern urban design. It is especially popular with Trex Horizons.

Woodland Brown

Woodland Brown looks like darkly stained wood and fades the least from its original color. It provides high contrast against lighter colors creating a defined border.

Color WeatheringThe time and degree of the weathering process depends on exposure to UV light. Fencing that has less exposure to sunlight may take longer to fade. Due to the nature and process of producing composite materials it should be expected that color variation between Trex Composite Fencing components may occur and in some cases may be significant. Trex Fencing is produced from a variety of recycled plastic and wood fibers that may absorb pigments differently. Color variation does not affect the integrity of the product. Variation may be more pronounced with Saddle and Winchester Grey. The colorization process during manufacturing deliberately over-pigments the product to ensure the final weathered color is achieved when it has faded. All three colors of Trex Fencing will lighten over time and some of the color variation may become less noticeable. However, weathering will not eliminate all variation. To minimize the appearance of the variation, extra care should be taken to install similarly pigmented pickets within a given lot code close together, where possible.