Sometimes a fence serves strictly as a decorative barrier rather than a privacy structure. This is an example of an interesting design from Utah where the contractor combined Trex posts, post caps, and rails with 2×2 lumber to create a 4 ft. tall square lattice fence. We’ve seen similar work done before with iron panels, wood balusters, mesh, and even bamboo. The Trex rails easily allow panels or balusters to slide into them effectively sandwiching the other material to hold it in place. In this particular application, the installer made a rectangular panel with a frame surrounding the 2x2s so he could drop the panel into the bottom rail, screw the sides to the Trex posts, and place the top rail over the frame. The top rail was then screwed down to the Trex brackets to hold everything together.


What creative ideas have you implemented? If you have built a unique fence with Trex components and have pictures to share, feel free to email them to [email protected]