If you’ve ever driven a car in the United States, you’ve probably seen a Love’s Travel Stop. Soon, you’ll be able to see Trex Fencing at several of their locations. Trex is working with Love’s to install utility and dumpster enclosures as well as perimeter fencing in an effort to improve the customer experience. Trex is ideal for commercial projects because of its low maintenance, natural aesthetic, and durability.

Trex is used as a divider between the gas station and truck parking.

Love’s Travel Stops are found all over the U.S.

Dumpster enclosures might not be as glamorous as a California beach fence, but Trex Fencing is versatile. Trex, unlike dumpsters and utility boxes, has a natural appearance that complements the surrounding landscape. Love’s chose the lighter Saddle color, which has the look of a classic wood fence. And the interlocking pickets make it completely private. But don’t be fooled by the attractive facade. Trex is an incredibly strong and durable fence. With a hurricane-force wind rating and a strength that surpasses wood and vinyl, Trex Fencing is great for security. For added strength, the gates on some of these dumpster enclosures were reinforced with steel.

Trex is used as a dumpster enclosure for Love’s Travel Stop.

And businesses love Trex, because they don’t have to budget for yearly fence maintenance, making it cost-effective. Trex is easily cleaned with a bit of soap and water, and it will never need painting or staining to keep it looking good. In addition to their utility and dumpster enclosures, Trex was used in a more typical fashion as privacy perimeter fencing. Often installed between the gas station and the truck stop, the Trex Fence acts as a barrier to reduce noise and improve the landscape.

Love’s is trading chain link for Trex.

Utilities are protected and out of sight.

Steel posts were added for strength.

Trex Posts set easily in concrete.

We understand that appearances are important. A clean landscape and an attractive fence, with dumpsters and utilities out of sight, are more appealing to a customer. And Love’s is committed to a great customer experience, whether you’re driving a semi-truck or a minivan.

Greg Sells of Ace Quality Fencing installed the Trex Fence at the Paris, TX Love’s Travel Stop. He loves working with Trex because it is beautiful and easy to install. Greg highly recommends Trex to all his customers, so if you live in the North Texas,  Southern Oklahoma, Southwest Arkansas or North West Louisiana area, give him a call!


Utility enclosures have never looked better.