Project Spotlight: VA Medical Center (Grand Junction, CO)

The VA Hospital in Grand Junction, CO offers full service medical care to over 35,000 veterans.

Trex Fencing for VA Medical Center

Trex Fencing materials were used to install a utility equipment enclosure for the The Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. Trex Fencing utility enclosures are cost-effective alternatives to finished masonry such as brick or block walls. In this particular application, the fencing material was used to enclose HVAC equipment at the facility.

The Grand Junction VA Medical Center facility required a teen foot tall enclosure with gates to secure the equipment behind it. Because Trex provides full privacy, the equipment was also completely obscured from view thereby softening the visibility of the equipment behind.

Design-wise, a Trex fence built above eight feet tall uses a mid-rail to facilitate the tall dimension. The mid-rail is effectively a second bottom rail with the pickets in the bottom row sitting inside the cavity of the aluminum rails both above and below. The second row of pickets sit inside the cavity of the aluminum mid-rail and are enclosed by the top rail. This configuration creates an incredibly strong fence. To provide access, a double gate was also installed. The fence and gates were installed by Taylor Fence of Grand Junction.

Trex Fencing for Enclosures

Trex Fencing is one of the most popular products used for utility enclosures. The unique design of the pickets gives enclosures strength and durability while the composite material ensures the property owners do not need to allocate maintenance budgets to regular painting. Unlike vinyl fencing, which is better suited for lightweight residential applications, Trex composite is thick enough to withstand the incidental effects of things like gravel kicked up by cars in a parking lot or the occasional bumps from equipment maintenance or passersby. Over the years, a Trex fence will do better against high winds. Aesthetically, it provides a more attractive alternative to the harsh utilitarian appearance of masonry or chain link, and it will weather far better in the elements than a wood fence.

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A Trex Fence Utility enclosure for the Grand Junction VA Medical Center
A Utility enclosure for the Grand Junction VA Medical Center