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A major consideration when choosing a fence for a Homeowners Association is to choose a product that looks great and that will enhance property values. Trex® Fencing is the perfect solution for this; Trex Fencing looks great on both sides, has a picture frame design, and is available in three natural colors that go well with any design
Trex Fencing Gray


With shared fences, open spaces and multiple homeowners, HOA’s need a fence that will hold up to the abuse inflicted upon it for years. Repairing and maintaining of a large amount of fencing is not just difficult to coordinate with multiple home owners, but it can quickly exceed the initial investment of the fence itself. Trex Fencing is made of a proprietary blend of wood fibers and plastic so it never needs staining or painting and will not rot or decay. Trex Fencing has the strength of wood and the low maintenance virtues of vinyl.  Trex Fencing is rated for 110 mph wind and 130 mph gusts and has a 25 year warranty. This makes Trex fencing the #1 choice for HOA’s.


The interlocking picket design of this fence product not only provides you full privacy but it also eliminates bowing, gaps from shrinkage, and gives strength to this fence. Due to these virtues, there is no need for a mid rail, which creates a more secure fence that is not easily climbed. If you need extreme privacy and or security, Trex Fencing can be built up to 12’ tall.

Price of Trex Fencing


Most HOA’s have a limited budget and therefore it is important to not only choose a fence with the above criteria but to also choose a fence that is affordable. Trex Fencing may not be the lowest cost fence up front. However, Trex Fencing  does become one of the lowest cost fences after only a few short years. The cost savings on staining, painting, repairing or replacing of a wood or vinyl fence quickly makes those fence types more expensive then a premium Trex Fence.

If you are an HOA board or committee member, or you are a property manager that is looking for fence options on behalf of your client, contact us for more information on how Trex Fencing can help upscale your community while cutting maintenance and replacement costs.

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