How Much is Trex Fencing?

Purchasing a fence merits thinking long-term. While a few expenses are straightforward, there are others that deserve consideration. Below, we cover the cost of owning a Trex Fence and why it is worth every dollar spent.



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Trex Fencing Cost of Ownership Over Time Compared to Wood

A Trex composite fence may mean more expense up front. Over time, however, it really is the greater value. Due to maintenance and/or replacement costs, approximately 10-15 years after the initial purchase the cost of a typical wood fence surpasses the cost of a Trex fence.

An additional consideration is the volatility in lumber availability which has caused the price of wood to rise faster than composites. Relative to the current cost of wood, a wood fence 10-15 years from now will be more expensive adjusted for inflation.  So, a wood fence that costs your neighbor $40/ft today may cost $50/ft in 10 years before an inflation adjustment.  Meanwhile, you haven’t paid a single additional dollar for a Trex fence. Additionally, during the period before replacement, your neighbor will want to paint or stain the fence regularly and replace rotting or broken materials. That will help the fence last longer (still not as long as Trex), but the trade-off is that your neighbor will need to budget for ongoing costs while you’re working on other projects or going on vacation.

Time is money, they say! That’s also worth thinking about. Socially, we are busier than ever which is why the construction industry has moved away from natural products that degrade rapidly in favor of manufactured products. Our weekends are precious time and fitting in a big project like stripping and re-surfacing a wood fence (or worse, digging up a concrete footer to replace a rotting post) is not the way most of us would prefer to spend our time. Do keep in mind that not all manufactured products are created equal. There is a big difference between linoleum and premium simulated hardwood flooring, for example. The same is true in fencing. The thick material of the Trex composite fence components plus the combination of hardwood sawdust, high quality recycled plastics, and proprietary adherents set Trex apart from fully plastic fences like vinyl which have much thinner material that can become brittle and are more prone to breakage.

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