• Beauty As Well As Function

Let’s face it, not only does this fence serve its purpose, but it also looks great. With its proprietary blend of wood and plastic, this composite fence  will continue to look great for years to come.

• Same Look on Both Sides

A fence that even your neighbors will love; no one will be getting the ugly side now.  Your neighbors will be so pleased with this fence that they might even be willing to chip in on the cost to build it.

• Picture Frame with Board on Board Design

This fence has all of the bells and whistles. The unique picture frame design not only gives a finished look on both sides of the fence but also creates nice clean lines across the top and bottom.  The interlocking pickets also create a look of a board on board design creating depth and richness to the fence.

• Three Natural Colors

Trex Fencing is available in three natural color choices that will compliment virtually any colors that you have on your property.  Choose Woodland Brown (a rich dark color) for a more elegant look, Saddle (a light tan color) for a more natural look, or Winchester Grey (weathers to a light grey) for a more contemporary or modern look. Did we also mention, this fence will never need to painted or stained?

Price of Trex Fencing


• Interlocking Pickets with no mid rail

The interlocking picket design of this fence product not only gives you full privacy, but it also eliminates bowing, gaps from shrinkage, and gives strength to this fence. Due to these features, there is no need for a mid rail, which creates a more secure fence that is not easily climbed.

• Can Be Built up to 12’ Tall

Trex Fencing is a component fence system, so it can easily be built from 2’ to 12’ heights. If you are looking for extreme privacy and/or security, then Trex Fencing will fit your need.

• Matching Gates W/ Lockable Latches

Our Gates have a welded internal steel frame and are designed to match the look of the fence. This gives you a strong and good looking gate that blends in with the rest of your fence. All gate latches will also accommodate paddle locks on either side for additional security.

Trex Seclusions Fencing Woodland Brown Hammock


• No Painting Or Staining

This unique composite product of wood fiber and plastic eliminates the negative attributes of a typical wood fence.  Trex Fencing is pigmented throughout the product so it will never need to be painted or stained. An occasional wash with soap and water is all it will take to keep this fence looking great.

• Won't Rot, Split Or Splinter

Trex Fencing will not rot, split, or splinter like your old wood fence. Save the time and money you will spend replacing rotted wood posts, broken and cracked pickets and rails on a wood fence and install a Trex Fence.

• Resistant To Insects

Trex Fencing is resistant to insects such as termites. Instead of continually feeding these insects and replacing a wood fence, get Trex Fencing and enjoy your backyard activities without worrying about fence repairs.

Before and after pictures of wood and Trex fencing


• Withstands 110 MPH Winds and 130 MPH Gusts

Trex Seclusions Fencing has been tested to withstand 110 MPH sustained winds and 130 MPH gusts.  If your house is still standing, chances are so will your Trex Fence.

• Strong Long Lasting Posts

Trex Fencing posts will not degrade or rot with time, so the most important part of your fence will continue to remain strong. A Trex Fencing post is over 4 times the thickness of a standard Vinyl or PVC post and its built to withstand almost anything that nature sends its way.